GE Money Bank: The M-Budget Card Initiative Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The M-Budget Card case study is concerned with mastering the predicaments of an investigative strategic proposal in a context obvious by time pressure and regular alterations. M-Budget was the introductory series of intensely successful projects that recognized GE Money Bank as a principal in the Swiss credit card market. The company concept was to work with the nation's leading retailer MIGROS to develop an advanced credit card offering, the M-Budget card. The M-Budget card was found a just six months later and was an immediate success. Expectations were exceeded by the demand for the card by far and the bank was swamped by greater than 100,000 application in the initial weeks.

The road to the triumphant market commencement, however, was the team and a rocky one around Pierre had to master numerous challenges. Had to select the right folks to compose a team that had all the expertise and knowledge needed to develop an entirely new marketplace offering. A competitive move by the second biggest retailer COOP compelled the team while operating under intensive time pressure to alter its initial value proposition. Eventually, the team had to beat a series of operational problems after the initial market launch. The case study retraces the development of the initiative over time and describes the direction and organizational challenges faced by the team on its way to the successful creation of an entirely new company segment.

PUBLICATION DATE: October 19, 2009 PRODUCT #: 410052-HCB-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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