Garbage Collection In Amherst, Massachusetts Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mixed Containers or Paper Waste

Here the instruction is top first remove the remaining from the containers and as the only acceptable forms of plastic are those which are used for food, wasting detergent and containers of personal care products. But the plastic and black plastic cannot be put into these bins.

Now, the remaining products and waste should be put into trash cans and these are the wastes which are non-recyclable.  Which also include the glass, paper and plastic wastes that are  effected and cannot be put  into the category of clean plastic and paper.

Figure : Types of Wastes

Resource Allocation (how much trucks, staff required)

As the department of public works of Amherst has a mission to operate an effective waste collection and facilitate the recycling to promote a way resolve the land refiling issue. So in order to manage a fleet of trucks and staff to manage all those activities.  As, the waste is to be collected in the morning from the particularly defined places in the state, there must be two different types of container trucks working on the same street, because there is separate requirement for the recyclable and non-recyclable wastes and both cannot be collected in the same container.

Cost of trucks (excel sheet) and interpretation

As for the collection and recycling of the wastes transportation is very important and the most effective way for collecting wastes is to use garbage trucks. As the Amherst has total 182 miles of interstate roads and the total waste production in the Amherst on daily basis is estimated to be 176,000 pounds and 88 tons. Moreover, as the total capacity of a truck is to carry 11.5 tons of wastage, total of 8 trucks would be used for the waste collection. But as one truck cannot collect both recyclable and non-recyclable wastes, therefore total trucks needed to collect the garbage would be 16 and the gasoline cost of all trucks per day would be $212.

Figure: Cost of Truck

Cost of trucks
Total Amount of Garbage per day (in tons)                    88
Total capacity of a garbage truck 12
Total street size (in miles)            182.51
Total cost of gasoline per day for each truck              14.08
Total Gasoline cost ($) 212

Why waste is a problem

The waste or garbage is one of the problem which is managed by the countries with certain difficulties. Garbage is one of the reason through which the pollution is increasing which is also affecting the global warming situation in the world. Most of the countries used to burn the garbage because of which dangerous gasses and dust is emitted. The gasses and dust creates pollution and is also a threat of increase in global warming. Most of the countries also used to dump the garbage in the sea which creates a sea pollution. The dumping of garbage in the sea affects and pollute the sea life which is demolishing different species in different parts of the ocean.

Machinery requirement for recycling

The most essential requirement is truck which is used to transport the garbage to the recycling industries where the garbage is processed and heated which convert the heat generated from garbage into electricity. The waste recycling plant is required and developed by the companies which consists of several composite of the machine. These composite or part of the machine includes a storage capacity in plant from which the garbage is picked up through cranes and these cranes are used to put garbage in the heat generating machine which burn the plastic in the garbage. Hence, these plastics are used to get recycled plastic products that the can be used further in the future.

Service pricing and staff management

To manage this increasing garbage situation, the town has to seek for the best service providing company. The town has to identify that in future which company or multiple companies will be required to collect the garbage of the increasing population. Other than focusing on company’s efficiency the town should also consider the service pricing charged by the company which should be minimal for the town. The staff management is one of the problem which is faced by many garbage collecting companies. Most of the people are now getting education to get reputable jobs in the society which is creating a shortage of employees for the garbage collecting companies. Besides the shortage of employees; the company should also consider how the companies are managing their staff in providing regular services to town which will also be considered by the town when allocating a contract to the garbage collecting company.


The increase in population is one of the indication that the services of the garbage collecting industry will become an essential requirement for every town. Although different technological advancement in managing waste and garbage are adopted by companies which will require less human resource for garbage collection and it will also increase the efficiency of the companies to collect garbage but the demand of garbage collection companies will be increased with the increasing trend in population in Amherst. The main problem which is arising due to increase in garbage and waste is that the pollution is increasing day by day which is affecting the human life in different part of the world. If the garbage is not managed efficiently by the garbage collection companies then it will become the problem for the people living in particular towns which is a main concern for the people living in the town. Therefore, it is identified that proper management of garbage collection is required so that town can remain clean and healthy............


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