FUTUR-Working towards Social Inclusion Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

FUTUR is a little nonprofit organization founded in Barcelona in 1996. The type of occupations FUTUR has provided these people has transformed over time. The organization later shifted its focus entirely to food services and started operating in the textile sector. It's also been committed to fair-trade and environmentally-friendly products. FUTUR opened several restaurants and afterwards enlarged into catering services and, more recently, to school cafeterias, the latter becoming an extremely successful venture.

They were also ready to launch a brand new company to supplement these initiatives. It was based on selling all-natural, fair trade products on the roads with salespeople riding especially adapted cycles. On the other hand, the organization needed to locate new facilities equipped with an industrial kitchen as it had to transfer from the building it was now renting for a nominal cost. With numerous initiatives underway, Manuel Almirall ponder the pros and cons of diversification for an association like FUTUR and whether it should deliberate on just one enterprise. Especially, he wondered what strategy would be more effective to carry through the organization's mission while keeping sustainable growth and moving its central kitchen for its restaurants and catering services.


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FUTUR-Working towards Social Inclusion

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