Ohio Lottery: Innovative Research Drives Winning Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The measurement scales consist of different values. Values on the measurement scale has a unique meaning. The values of the measurement scale are linked with the other values in the scale. These values are linked in a way that these values expresses the intensity of the answer. For instance, these values identify if the intensity of the answer is high or low.

In Question 6, the study was carried out to identify the playing of the instant games in the past 12 months by the respondent. The basic idea is to identify which dollar amount instant games were being played by the respondents. The value of instant games is placed as the measurement scale to identify scratch cards being bought by the respondents on behalf of the amount.

In Question 25, the study is carried out to identify the importance of different attributes while participating in the lottery games. The scales used in the study are 1 to 7 values. Where 7 indicates that the attributes mentioned in the study are Extremely Important, whereas, 1 indicates that the attributes in the study are Not At All Important. Moreover, if the respondent wants to answer in7 to 1, then it represents the intensity of the attributes like its moderate, near to important or near to not all important. There are no right or wrong answers in this study, there is the general opinion of the respondents.

The items which are added on the question 25 are:

Win Importance

  • Winning money can be invested for a better future
  • Quick and easy money
  • Paying off debts

In Question 29, the study is carried out to check the attitude of the respondents about the lottery. The scales are prepared in a way that there are 7 to 1 values. The value 7 indicates that the respondent agrees strongly on the given attribute, whereas, the value 1 indicates that the respondent disagrees strongly. Somehow, the respondent having a moderate attitude can rate between the values 7 to 1. In this study also, there are no right or wrong answers, the scale shows the intensity of the opinion.

The items which are added on the question 29 are:

Hopes and Dreams

  • I will continue my studies if I win a lottery
  • The amount of winning is quite higher than the price of the ticket
  • Winning theĀ  lottery is shortcut for living a happy life


Creating Sample for the Second Phase

In the first phase the sample was created on the basis of the respondents who were surveyed via the telephone. The respondents were selected from the list of the telephone numbers and landline of all the residents of Ohio. Through this survey the information extracted, gives the highlight of the demographics and playing habits of the respondents. Whether they are player or not? The frequency of play and also the spending on players on lottery tickets.

The second phase includes the quantitative analysis of much large sample which is no doubt quite tough. For creating the large sample, the other states nearer to Ohio should also be surveyed. The states which are nearer to the Ohio states are Indiana, West Virginia and Washington. Creating samples are never very easy as there is then required of surveying the large sample. So the large sample will be created in a way that I will target the West Virginia as it is nearer to Ohio and as West Virginia is nearer than will have a bit knowledge about the Ohio lottery and the purpose of it...................

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