Four Generations Of The Owens Family (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1492 © 2005
Ward, John; Schwass, Joachim; Lief, Colleen

This case series follows the Richard Owens family through almost one hundred years of advancement and modification. The A-case explains how the family company began with one supermarket in 1906 and; by 1974; had actually turned into a big personal business that consisted of grocery stores; alcohol shops and property.

While rivals might not appear to stop the Owens family company; fractured family relationships and competitions triggered substantial issues. In 1974; the dispute concerned the company and a head was divided into 3; one company line for each sibling.

Subjects: Family business; Governance; Strategy; Succession; Change Settings: Australia; Retailing; Private; 1906-1974

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Four Generations Of The Owens Family (A)

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