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Branded as the "Millennial business for Millenials” Rothenberg Ventures (RV) was founded by Mike Rothenberg in the year 2012, consequently he earned an MBA degree from Harvard Business School (HBS). Over the upcoming twenty four months, $20 million was raised by Rothenberg and assembled a venture capital firm that made tons of seed investments in technology-centered startups. Pitched as an occasion that could pack a year's worth of networking into a single day, Founder Field Day was perhaps the company's largest gamble to current date.

During May of 2014, on a spring day, some 300 founders were asked to attend Park in San Francisco, one attendee Fran Hauser, had to opt which sessions to attend in the days 7th and 8th “innings”. Rothenberg must lately ask Hauser to join RV as a partner and investor, and invite her out to the Bay Area to think about the offer. Hauser, who had resigned as President of Digital for Time Inc.’s Style and Entertainment Group three years prior, he contemplated if Rothenberg’s incompetence would result as a drawback or a strength.

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