Flip factory Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Flip factory Inc. Case Study Solution 


The case study revolves around an entrepreneur named Darlene Travis s, who has achieved remarkable success with hard work and passion. She has developed a unique fitness center named flip factory Inc., a Calgary-based fitness center. She has started this venture by showing single woman talent show, expansion has taken it to the success heights. 20 renowned coaches were added to the composition. The venture started by the single lady, is strengthened by a team of qualified professional. The fitness center offered such unique fitness based programs,which are different from the normal conventional gymnastic services. She is a creative thinker, creates a competitive edge, by offering such unique services that are different and appealing to all the age groups. The main distinctive services offered by her, are demonstration gymnastics, trampolining and circus arts. The basic programs offered by theflip factory,are youth teen and adult programs, preschool programs and bookings for different ventures. Their work principle consists of support for all,by creating an understanding environment and offering non-conventional programs.

Problem statement:

The venture started as a community-based gymnastic program that has made impressive growth and turned into a corporation named flip factory.What is the future of the organization? What is yet to come? The non-competitive market of non-conventional services, such as circus arts and other trampoline based services that do not comes under traditional gymnastics. Despite excessive costs and fewer profit margins, she is willing to achieve more growth and expand her business to a broader canvas.The lease terms would expire within two years, business needs more capacity to expand and the current capacity is utilized to its max. She has to take a complex decision.Firstly, either she should seek more growth opportunities and expand her business more, to utilize the talent of the superior coaches, she has retained or enjoy the fruits of the already established business from her hard work.Secondly, what should be the expansion strategy and growth plan, if the company wants to expand, either he should build her own place of business or renew the lease agreement or rent out more place for business? Assessment of strategic goals and the targets the company has should be analyzed.

Flip Factory Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Internal analysis:

Internal analysis of the company, would help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company.Also, the growth opportunities can be ascertained, by evaluating the capabilities of the company,

Strengths of the company:

The main strength of the company lies in its differentiated services, the services offered by the company are not same, as offered by other conventional gymnastic and related service providers.The competition is not so tough, so they can easily increase their profits, by adding more quality to their services. The non-competitive gymnastics as a recreational pursuit with quality delivery and usage of world class products, made them what they are. Additionally, the presence of world-class coaches and mentors, the team of 20 make them stand out from the rest of the companies,so that’s why they are exploring more success horizons.

The growth of the company is impressive, the new site area of the company is also one of their main strength. They can utilize this area for the purpose of expansion and get benefits from that. The main location of the company, can be utilized for the expansion purposes.

The company is also involved in some charitable and social activities, providing free of cost passes, arranging classes for those who are unprivileged and can’t afford the recreational activities. These charitable activities which they do regularly,are inspired by their mission statement. Such good name would make a difference for the company.



Small Gymnastic fitness center.

Limited programs.


Mini Player.

Less experience.

Competitors might takeover.

The competition in the market has been increasing, due to the increasing number of the peoples in the market that want enroll in the gymnastic programs. On the other hand, it can be determined that, flip is non-competitive gymnastic that attract the general population, instead of the professionals. Which is a weakness of the company? However, it could expand its programs, by introducing the professional gymnastics programs to attract the population. On the other hand, it is a small player in the market, so it is also the weakness of the company that it should mitigate the weaknesses, by utilizing the strengths.By organizing and introducing the new and competitive programs in the market.

Consequently, the company also has external threats, because it is a mini player in the market, so it has less experience, than other gymnastic fitness centers in the Calgary. Meanwhile, it is a big concern for the company that, it might be taken over the competitors in the market. However, the flip factory could avail the opportunities in the market, to address the potential threats risen,due to the increased competition in the market, and due to the increased competitive gymnastic fitness center................

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