ENSR INTERNATIONAL Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


ENSR is a multinational company and it has quite adequately dispersed its offices around the globe. The clients of the company are spread in a number of different geographical locations, which has created a certain need for the company to expand its operations with respect to geographical terms. It is compulsory for the organization to increase its reach with respect to its geographical existence in order to meet the requirements of their clients effectively. Managing and organizing around geographies will help the entity in having multiple and diverse exposure with regard to its clients. On the other hand, if the company wants to increase its operations across the globe and its reach towards the clients, then the company would be required to allocate a handsome amount of resources in to the efforts of all the possible natures such as time, money and efforts. Expansion of the company in territories belonging to different geographical location will significantly increase the benefit receiving level of the corporation.

Service line is a  major and primary aspect for the company.Organizing around service line will considerably increase utilization and capitalization process for the company with regards to its organizational resources, in order to meet the desired level of expertise by the organization. In addition to this, organizing around industries will not only help the company in utilization of its resources and investments, but it would also add up to its efforts in securing a high number of clients but with a significantly greater amount of expenses. The key accounts program will also ensure the company about securing strong and viable relationships with the potential and existing customers of ENSR International.

The solution of business development officer solution was firstly implemented by the company in the 90’s era, and it was implemented by the company as a long-term strategy to boost and increase the growth of the organization to achieve and attain their organizational goals. Currently, the company needs to increase the number of its business development officers (BDOs), who would further help the organization to effectively and rapidly grow its business with the clients of the company and create strong and influencing relations with them, resulting in an increase in the growth of the company. For now the company should increase around 25 to 30 business development officers (BDOs) to attain higher growth rates. BDOs would not be treated as consultants of the company, as the company would not be required to pay them salaries if they are not working. The primary job of business development officers would be based on selling. As the BDOs’ core duty would be to increase their selling ratio, there are higher chances that they would be bringing more business to the company. In addition to this, these BDOs will not be involved in any consultancy service or in preparing bids. The company would be required to establish a compensation plan for their BDOs in order to provide them with a motive to work more keenly, and keep them motivated in order to utilize their potential with respect to the benefits for the company. Despite these facts, a number of employees have believed that the BDO program is not sufficiently adding to the growth of the company and has failed in the past as well........................

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