Final Project Action Learning Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The action learning committee at this level focuses on obtaining considerable information from the historical trends and the work done by people in the past or reasons that have lead the issue to its current position.

One of the major tasks of the committee is to evaluate the current and the potential loss of the company or organization due to the issue the organization is currently facing. On the other hand, the committee also identifies the major beneficiaries and the sufferers from this particular issue.

The scenario that we are discussing regarding the causes that lead towards the lack of attention may include unrealistic tasks assigned by the boss or manager, the rewards that are provided by the organization are either monetary or other which are not encouraging or motivating, or certain disorders that the employees are facing that impacts their performance in a negative manner.

One of the major reasons that can lead employees towards this deficiency syndrome is the involvement of employees in activities that are destructive in nature and result in making employees anti-social.

As of the next step, the committee diverts their attention on developing a set of alternatives which are not more than three. After viewing and analyzing the structure of the organization and measuring the intensity of the issue the set of alternatives is developed. The next step is about evaluating the alternatives which are done on the basis of the context in which the issue has occurred.

In our scenario, the committee will consider alternatives like employee involvement in decision making and other organizational activities or assigning tasks that are achievable but challenging as well in order to improve their focus towards work and eliminate the issue of lack of attention.

The fourth step asks the action group committee to understand the basis of the issue by increasing efforts and going deeper to identify the causes at the base and identifying the particular causes regarding the issue. As of the first step, the committee will gather all the facts and figures in order to do the evaluation of the suggested alternatives.

The major focus of organizations remains on adapting a change that is aligned with their goals, objectives and therefore, the organization needs to choose the alternatives that are inclined towards their collaborative goals. The aim of the management is to bring change in everyone that is related to the issue and will get affected by the change that will be brought.

Besides that, the focus remains on attaining the best possible solution from the alternatives. In our scenario, the team will focus on developing methods of delegating tasks in order to test the analytical skills of the employees and urge them to focus which will directly impact their attention deficiencies.

In the fifth step, the resistance shown by the organization will be tackled by the committee using all their abilities and skills and to minimize the resistance to implement the change smoothly. The same approach will be adapted by the team in our scenario which will design methods to overcome the resistance from the organizations by taking certain initiatives to help the cause by exploring multiple methods. The change implementation should be applied both individually and collectively and at every level from the basic till the strategic.

In the final step, the committee collects feedback from employees and then collects the evidence of their learning. In the case of eliminating lack of attention in employees, the committee will collect the feedback from the employees using the 360 degree approach.

The committee will also focus on the evidence of their learning as well and the response provided will be highly dependent on the individual and team learning. Using the evidences the team will identify the drawbacks of the process and will focus on improving them and aligning the process with the organizational goals. The entire process is demonstrated in exhibit 1.

Problem Diagnosis

The problem that has been identified during the discussion was the lack of attention which the group members identified about the employees in different organizations. The issue has been defined by many authors and by far the most agreeable, that lack of attention is the process in which an individual is not capable of assigning a complete focus to a given task as he becomes deprived and results in distracted focus.

The reasons of the issue can be multiple, but authors agree that an involvement of an individual in an unhealthy practice which results in distraction between his cognitive and physical association which eventually leads towards lack of focus.

One of the major causes of attention deficiency can be a disorder of a person which he suffered during his childhood where the roots of the issue have been planted and started to grow (Campbell, 2000).............................

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