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The discussion is based on the implementation of Action Learning Theory on the problem of lack of attention faced by the employees in the organization. In the first part of the discussion, the members have paid great attention to get the solution of the identified problem with the help of action learning theory. To solve the problem, multiple questions would be from the person or from the group that is being affected by this destructive situation. After collecting enough information from the victims the group will apply the action learning model in order to solve the problematic issue.

In the second part, the group has discussed the problem more specifically and recognized persisting attention deficiencies found in the employees. The group has spent three months to prepare the framework in which the problem was solved with the help of the actions learning theory. As the steps used in the solution process will highly demonstrate the importance of arrangement of the activities to resolve the issue according to the action learning model.

Along with the identification of the actual problem and the appropriated model to solve it, the group has also discussed the path through which these results would be achieved. A technique in which the lack of attention would be managed by applying action learning model is highly required to accomplish the project successfully. Leadership is highly recommended by the group to management events and to keep all activities on track. The discussion has greatly emphasized on the importance of leadership and has also elaborated that whether leadership would increase the intensity of the problem or help in managing the attention deficiency syndrome in employees.

Action learning

Action learning is a theory that stresses upon the personal as well as professional development of the employees. The theory mainly works on the principle which suggests a process in which the employees will seek the solution to the problem by themselves as well as it will also enhance their learning. Action theory opts to maximize the knowledge of the employees regarding a specific issue faced by them and expand their operational capacity within an organization. However, the theory greatly focuses on providing a practical exposure that will keep them close to the real world. The practical exposure will help the employees to entertain work related challenges in cross-functional departments and in the entire organization.

The existing era in which companies, businesses and organizations face multiple set of complexities within and outside their working environment, action theory acts as a highly user friendly tool for problem solving in the organization. The theory is quite helpful to keep track of the professional expertise of the employees as it is primarily being used for the organizational development. On job learning is an appropriate example of action learning in which the employee learns the task by practically performing it.

Action learning process consist of a set of seven steps which are highly interrelated to each other and each level is considered to be the prerequisite of the next step. It starts with the problem identification which reveals the entity or the person being affected in a particular organization or academic institute.

The first step discusses the issue related to an individual or entity with respect to particular context. From the perspective of the project, our problem here is to eliminate the lack of attention within the employees or in the student in the class. Our discussion mainly revolves around the attention deficiencies found in the employees.

The second Step develops a complete background of the problem origination and provides knowledge to critically evaluate the matter in more than one context. At this level the Action Learning committee focuses on the historical trend and actions taken by the fatalities, which has brought the matter up to its current position. The committee also investigates the current and potential losses of the organization due to this particular problem. It investigates on who will get the benefits and who will have to suffer from the losses. According to our scenario the causes of lack of attention, could come from the unrealistic assignments given by the organization, monetary rewards are not appreciable, or the employee possess a certain disorder that hinders his/her performance badly. In addition to this, attention deficiency syndrome can also be caused when the employee is involved in some destructive activities that make them anti-socialist............................

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