Exxon Valdez Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


This section comprises of the mission statement of the company along with the code-of-conduct developed to provide a complete set of compliance standard that are required to develop the compliance plan for the company. The company has recently suffered a spill over issue that has caused many environmental issues which are also important to address. Secondly, the company is also suffering low employee motivation and productivity, which needs to be overcome in the coming tenure.

It is imperative to state that such issue emerges due to lack of focus or due to the natural factors and avoiding such issues is difficult. Therefore, this compliance plan will be a source of strong support for the company and will be highlighting the factors that are important to address and can be vital in getting rid of this issue.

Mission Statement

Exxon- Valdez is serving as a subsidiary and has a long commitment with the petroleum business. The mission of the company is to deliver the best quality petroleum and also to promote the highest quality in a manner that is regarded as not just safe but also ensure efficiency. The company has four key features that it caters and benefits the most through its operations and services. The company’s mission is not just to serve or take care of the benefit of the shareholders, but also to facilitate the stakeholders along with the employees of the company. Apart from that, immense focus is invested towards the greater benefit of the environment and its protection.

Exxon Valdez Case Solution

Code-of –Conduct

  • The newly developed code-of-conduct of the company will be enforced and everyone in the company that is directly associated with the company must follow the code-of-Conduct.
  • The members who will be obliged to follow the code-of-conduct include the employees from every department and section, the contractors that are associated with the company, the directors of the company and the managers who are serving the company form every department.
  • Code-of-conduct will serve as the guiding material for the organization and can be utilized in various actions to resolve issues.
  • In a situation where the response is not identified, the code-of-conduct can be utilized either by individuals in the company or the company.
  • It can be sought as the first resource that will be helpful in justifying and deciding on the response that needs to be developed according to the situation.
  • An independent ethics committee or a committee with respect to this compliance plan will be made.
  • The task of the committee will be to ensure the regulation of the code-of-conduct and make sure that the document is serving the purpose correctly.
  • The members of the committee should respond to questions and the queries of the individuals in compliance with the code of conduct.
  • Code-of-conduct will serve as the guiding principle for the organization and will be essential in resolving many issues and questions, which is why it holds an essential and important value in the overall scenario.
  • Every employee, manager, and director is responsible or obliged to serve the company and to make efforts to protect the company. Therefore, their role is very important in case of the violation of the rules of the code-of-conduct.
  • The employees are the stakeholders of the company and they should be serving the company with complete honesty and should invest efforts in protecting the reputation of the company.
  • All the above stated rules are also applicable to the managers and the directors of the company as well as they are also the stakeholders and holds a key position with a bigger stake.
  • The code-of-conduct will ensure that every illegal and unethical practice is prohibited in the organization and no one in the organization is involved in any such activities.
  • In case of violation of any such activities, the employees or the managers must reach the committee and inform them about the suspect.
  • The employees are encouraged to speak up in case if they witness any sort of unethical practice or illegal activity going around in the organization.
  • The employees can communicate their concerns to their immediate manager or to the HR office. However, the employees can directly report as well either through face-to-face confrontation or by leveraging telephone service.
  • The employees can also contact with the compliance officer of the designed committee of the Exxon compliance committee.
  • The right to confidentiality will be preserved and safeguarded...............

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