Expo’98 (A): Ticketing Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Expo'98 (A): Ticketing Strategy Case Solution


He requires to evaluate the goals for the Expo and to choose exactly what rates strategy will satisfy these goals. The (B) case offers a summary of the prices strategy that was selected and the outcomes of the strategy and the Expo.


Pedagogical Objectives:

Exposition organisers have market power and market the item to sections with various cost flexibilities (e.g. residents vs. Expo travelers). Provided that each Expo is seen as special, the obstacle is to identify exactly what can be discovered from the rates methods and outcomes of the other Expo's and to change it to the Portugal Expo.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  Strategy

published: 01 Jan 2000
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Expo’98 (A): Ticketing Strategy

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