Evan Williams: From Blogger to Odeo (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

For several months, the founder-director Evan Williams felt trapped, unable to control Odeo and its strategic direction. He longs for a "simple" Blogger days, the previous company he co-founded. Although his Blogger experiments included a blow with his co-founder, resulting in the trial, a brush with near bankruptcy, and discharge all of his team, Williams became more disillusioned with his current company, Odeo. Odeo, podcasting pioneer, was debuted nearly two years ago and received a very strong start, with a great debut in a prominent industry conference, the coating on the main page of the business section of The New York Times "and raise a large round of funding from top-tier venture capital firms capital. His attempts to find a buyer failed, layoffs have begun, and he is now facing a hostile meeting with the board of directors. At that meeting, he was very tempted to resign, so he can move on to his next project and return the thrill to be an entrepreneur. "Hide
by Noam Wasserman, LP Maurice Source: Harvard Business School 14 pages. Publication Date: December 7, 2008. Prod. #: 809088-PDF-ENG

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Evan Williams: From Blogger to Odeo (A)

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