Evaluation of US Office Q4 2015 Report Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Evaluation of US Office Q4 2015 Report Case Study Solution

Gaps in the Presented Analysis

Although, the report has various number of strengths with its quarterly nature and the detailed metrics used for the analysis, but, still there are certain gaps that exist in the report. One major gap is related to various missing metrics that could be considered to provide a detail report. Moreover, the data provided in the report could not be considered as 100% accurate as the data is based upon a limited sample size of various offices in the urban and suburban areas.

Data Metrics used for analysis

The data metrics used for analysis are considered to be optimal for evaluating the current market scenario of the real estate market in US. The data metrics used in the report include; Level of net absorption, Employment in office using sector, Vacancy rate, Rent growth, Investors’ opinion about the future performance and the Investment in offices. All of these metrics provide the information related to various aspects affecting US real-estate markets. Although, still there are certain missing metrics that could increase the validity of the analysis including; Population changes in particular areas, Increase in the utilities expenses in particular areas, Migration a rte, Rate of industrialization, Expected employment rate in particular areas etc. All of these metricss hould also be included in the report to increase the quality of report.

Evaluation of the Conclusion

Indeed, the conclusion in the report related to the financial improvement of the market is bases on the data and metrics, as most of the metrics analysed shows a positive sign for the real-estate market growth with increasing rent growth, office employment, vacancy rate etc. Therefore, it could be said that the conclusion is based upon the metrics.

Key Takeaways

Evaluation of Real Estate Market

One of the major learning points from the analysis of the report is the understanding regarding the evaluation techniques for real estate market that how the real estate market works and how it could be analysed using various metrics.

Loopholes in the US Real-Estate Analysis

Major learning point is the determination of various loopholes in the US real-estate analysis reports. The evaluation of loopholes provides a way for improvement of the report and the overall real-estate market.

Current Status of the US real-estate market

Another major learning from the evaluation of the report is the information an know ledge regarding the current and historical performance of the real-estate markets which could be used to analyse the viability of the future investments in the real-estate sector.

Suggested Improvements

The suggested improvements that could be implemented to improvise the quality of the report are listed below;

  • Introduction of the missing metrics stated above to provide a complete analysis regarding the real-estate market.
  • Considering the international level data as compared to the local data to take into account the impact of global metrics on the US real-estate markets.
  • Enlarging the sample size to increase the accuracy of the data and analysis conducted in the report that would ultimately improvise the reliability over the report.
  • Conducting m monthly a analysis rather than quarterly analysis to provide a more accurate and detailed data and analysis in the report.


The US Office report is a critical tool for evaluating the US real-estate market and could be used by the investors’ and other analyst to predict the future of the real-estate industry and take optimal decisions regarding the investment in the sector. Moreover, it provides an analysis regarding the overall economic conditions in US as real-estate sector is one of the major sectors in the economy that play a vital role in generating revenues for the country..........


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