Establishing The Nestle Malaysia War-Room Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2209 © 2011
Buechel, Bettina; Coughlan, Sophie

In 2004, Stéphane Alby was selected CFO at Nestlé Malaysia-Singapore. Within a month of beginning in his brand-new position, Alby got a 50-page management report covering the previous months from Corporate Controlling. Alby desired to be able to examine 5 to 7 KPIs for each of the 13 company devices, 7 functions, Singapore and one area in 2 hours with the management committee.

Information required to be such that it might be turned into actionable management details on the steps that mattered to make company choices and win in the market. Where should Alby begin with the production of this dashboard? What details is crucial in developing a dashboard that meaningfully examines how effectively the business is attaining its company goals?

Subjects: Balanced scorecard; strategic performance management; dashboard; goal alignment
Settings: Malaysia ; Food & beverage ; CHF 87 billion (2004) ; 2004

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