Eris (A): Building A Cosmetics Brand In Poland Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1873 © 2007
Malnight, Thomas; Moncef, Anna

Irena Eris and Henryk Orfinger developed their cosmetics business in 1983 in Poland; then still a communist nation. Simply 19 years later on; in 2002; their company had actually grown from one worker and one item to 218 workers and 300 items. It was still a little business in an extremely competitive market; exposed to multinationals assaulting from polish and above low-priced manufacturers from below.

As the creators gotten ready for the 20th anniversary celebration the following year; they questioned exactly what the future kept in shop for them. How could they make sure ongoing development and success in the years to come? Knowing goals: Learn how regional business can develop efficient techniques to take on multinationals; how they can produce a premium brand not just taking on rate; ways to develop a distinct culture that values task complete satisfaction; development; inspires workers and enables them to stabilize expert and personal life?

Subjects: Strategy; Brand development; Branding; Culture; Emerging markets; Entrepreneurship; Growth; Organization; Postcommunism; Private business; Family business
Settings: Poland; Cosmetics; Skin care; Cosmeceutics; 2002 revenues PLN 80 million; 218 employees; 1983-2002

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Eris (A): Building A Cosmetics Brand In Poland

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