Case Three: Recruiting Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


This method in used in three divisions out of four divisions as well as referrals have the average total cost of $2.8 million. The average retention ratio of the referrals is 71% that is 27% more than the media retention ratio.


This method is used in four divisions out of four divisions. Kiosk has the average total cost of $2.5 million .The average retention ratio of the Kiosk is 62% that is less than referrals and more than media retention ratio.

State Job Services

This method is used in one division out of four divisions that is Western Washington. The total cost is $1.7 million and retention ratio is 75%.

Staffing Agency

This method is used in two divisions out of four divisions. The staffing agency has the average total cost of $1.8 million .The average retention ratio of the staffing agency is 90% that is higher as compared to other methods of recruiting.

From the analysis it is concluded that the media has the lowest performance on the basis of retention ratio and the staffing agency has the highest performance. While on the other hand, on the basis of cost the media is economical, whereas, referrals are the most expensive among all the methods of recruiting.

Question 5

Other measurers for recruiting method

Following are the other measures of employee performance that would be good metrics for the quality of a recruiting method:

Attendance of the employee

It is the most important mean of measuring the employee performance as it will allow the company to keep track of the attendance of the employee and compare it to the recruiting method used by the company.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is another mean of measuring the employee performance as it helps in evaluating the performance of the employees. Moreover, the sales of the company depend upon the customer retention.

Average Revenue per unit sold

The average revenue per sale by the employee will help the company to determine the contribution of the employees in term of sales and revenue. After evaluation of the average revenue per sale it can be traced back to an employee in order to measure the effectiveness of the recruiting method. This is the good metric for the quality of the recruiting method.

The concerns of the Managerial Focus group will fit with these alternative considerations in the following ways:

Reduce Employee Turnover

Managerial Focus group can link employee attendance to reduce the turnover of the employees as there are many ways to motivate the employees to being consistent that help in reducing employee turnover.

Employing People with effective interpersonal Skills

By developing training programs for the existing employees about how to treat the customers and hiring skilled employees as well as introducing some sort of incentive program, which will allow the company to enhance the retention of the customers................................

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