Equality Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


This specific paper will discuss the core value – equality. In general equality refers to the equality outcomes in terms of gender, race, opportunities and more. Throughout the time, I have analyzed that, the fact of equality is being compromised in some of the societies mainly due to the wrong perception towards the concept and the patriarchy society that has compromised the role of women in the society and also due to the misunderstood racial factors and stereotypes that has totally transformed the societies and has set different classes and opportunities for separate genders and the people belonging to different race.

Having said that, such factors and the forces have allowed me to see the concept from a different perspective.Since I have been born in a Modern familywhere the malesand females are treated equally with no gender roles, I have developed the senseof equality in me, which makes me to observe the society which is modernized butstill there are inequalities that are part of people life even in the modern society as well.

From the childhood, I observed that there are certain gender roles which are set by the society on both genders; males and femalesthat defines, what a man should do or is supposed to do and what women should do or is supposed to do, such gender roles have been penetrated so much in our lives that they havecarpeted the barriers in the societies which makes it difficult for both the gendersgrowequally in the society.

Equality Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

From childhood, I have seen my mother as an independents strong woman pursuing the career of her choice without facing the pressure from the society to perform the strong gender role of beinga house wife. On the other hand, I also saw my dad supporting my mom to pursue her careerirrespective to the fact that he took care of the family and bore all the financialexpenses. Observing such bond and system in my house hasdeveloped the importance of equality as a part of my personality, making me perform better in the society in both personal and professional lifeand become individually independent.

In addition to this, I also observedand compared the unjust attitude of some of the neighborhood familiestowards the education of the girls and strongfollowing of the gender roles, farming the conservative mindset in the people. Through this observation, I realized that the teaching and the family setting effects the individual mindset and establishes a particularmindset that either suppresses the real personality of a person if it is based on unfair treatment of both genders or improves so to become a better person in the society if it is based on fair and justified treatment of both genders which are treated equally.

Apart from this, from my childhood, I observed the family friends and relativestalking anddiscussing the gender roles in the public and private sector, defining what a women can do and what a man can do comparing the roles of both genders unequally....................

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