Equal Opportunity Schools: Finding the Missing Students Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Saaris a school teacher identified that a highly talented student was not registering for advanced courses in South Carolina. The student was African American and Saaris observed that most African-American pupils at the school were registered in lower-level classes. And on the other side, children debating and discussing interesting literature and ideas about citizenship."

He along with the student went to the school office where Saaris inspired young man to switch into taking advanced-degree couses. In the upcoming year Saaris was elevated to run the innovative programs of school. The initiative was widely appreciated. Within one year time period, schools Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs had stunning impact and had doubled in size, with the variety of African-American students in advanced classes tripling. At the exact same time, the achievement rate for all pupils on the AP and IB exams improved by a relatively high 20%. This case illustrates the subsequent trajectory that Saaris followed to make his efforts reach national level.

Saaris established Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) with the purpose of closing the accessibility gap to advanced classes for minority and low-income students. The case details the organization's outreach and application in addition to achievements of EOS and also challenges that were faced. It concludes with announcement that Leader Higher Initiative for which EOS would substantially increase the amount of schools with which it partnered over the next three years. Pupils are requested to consider whether EOS's capital model should be modified to propose a growth strategy, and articulate the messages and strategies it should use to obtain the attention of school districts.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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