AyurVAID: Grandma’s Remedies or Blue Ocean Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

AyurVAID is a chain of Ayurveda (traditional Hindu medicine) hospitals founded by Rajiv Vasudevan, who identified the possibility of Ayurveda for root cause analysis and moved after 16 years in the corporate sector to entrepreneurship. AyurVAID supplies Ayurveda-based healthcare to treat non- communicable diseases and chronic diseases, which collectively contain two thirds of the Indian health care marketplace. Ayurveda's system of root cause diagnosis and following disease management leads to no adverse effects, but most Ayurveda firms are content to operate in the wellness sector and to provide Ayurvedic formulations in the consumer market that is over-the-counter.

AyurVAID hospitals are placed differently, offering long term options to many chronic diseases and catering to individuals with lifestyle diseases. Over a span of 10 years, AyurvVAID's tactic has led to rapid growth for the hospitals; yet, chief executive officer and the creator needs to identify the most appropriate strategy for AyurVAID. Should it focus on strengthening its standing as a multi-specialty hospital, or should it investigate specializing in the big growing market for the treatment of diabetes in India?


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AyurVAID: Grandma’s Remedies or Blue Ocean Strategy

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