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Elite Personal Training Case Solution


Offering customers their very own gym center, rather than training client sin a group, is Martin and Mirella's attempt to separate themselves in an exceptionally aggressive and immersed market.

 London, Ontario has a wide range and variety of wellness centers, with a number of them offering individual preparing administrations. For Elite to be successful, they should offer their one-on-one, top of the line, preparing background in order to-catch a little portion of the current business sector.

The objectives of partners Martin Menard and Mirella Craciun are all around characterized in the presented case. In point shape, the four fundamental objectives are:

  • Acquire a benefit of $10 000 in the principal year to be reinvested into the business.
  • Register four to eight new customers consistently (starting in year 2).
  • Set up Elite Personal preparing as the premium preparing office in London.
  • Give brilliant client benefit and durable results

Problem Statement:

The company has limited financing and both partners do not have the money to buy additional equipment for this new venture. The company is facing a problem of cash balance and the opening of new training center would create doubt on increasing the customers by transferring them from Body Worx.

Along with this, the company is focusing and targeting many markets, it must target one or two niche markets. The company would also need more funds for promotion and marketing, the marketing campaign should be unique and target a particular market in order to achieve profit and exposure locally.

The competition is also increasing and capturing the cliental base would be very difficult.For this purpose, the company requires a differentiating strategy that will deliver the message of premium training facility in which clients attract for new and unique experience.

Quantitative Analysis:

The money related projections for Elite Personal Training are engaged around the charge for each personal instructional course. The trust is that every customer will buy 48 sessions and that a certain consistency standard would apply.

The partners are willing to be adaptable in view of the necessities of the customer. The choice on valuing is based on competition estimating and the required income to take care of expenses and make a profit.The financing for the business in the underlying stages incorporate $14 000 in value and $24 000 loan from the bank. The bank is reluctant to give more cash until money is generated from operations.

This may not be sufficient as there are high startup and month to month expenses in running a fitness office. Extra individuals might be required and this would further increase costs, but this may expand income on the other hand. The advertising will likewise be costly, as advancement is important in the achievement of a business. Minimal effort methodologies to acquire cliental will have to be explored.................

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