ELBULLI THE TASTE OF INNOVATION Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Elbulli the taste of innovation Case Solution

1.1        Introduction

ElBulli is a three star Michelin restaurant near the town of Roses Catalonia, Spain. The hotel was started by a chef Ferran Adria, and its name was suggested on a French dog breed known as Bulli. The hotel began in 1961 and the next year it became a beach star serving barbecues to the tourist, and later it became a complete restaurant which operated only six months a year.

    Also, the cost of food provided by the restaurant was approximately 250 euros almost 350$ while the company managed it only half a year and had very few seasons. Moreover, the booking for the next season starts on the next day of closing while the restaurant only reserves 8000 diners and received requests around 2 million.

    Furthermore, the hotel follows an innovative style of serving to cook and presenting the food in front of customers which makes it different from all the French hotels. However, because of the innovation, unique taste, and rare presentation skills, the restaurant charge a higher amount of foods from its customers.

    Additionally, the owner of the company also traveled the world and tasted so many recipes to make its own unique and innovative cuisine. However, the hotel now unique and known as the finest place for cuisine across the world. Finally, it can be seen that the innovation, uniqueness, and better quality has to lead the hotel towards worldwide fame and fortune. While its unique taste and style of presentation and ambiance make it different from so many hotels in the world.

1.2        Factors that made ElBulli the best restaurant and created value for customers

Several factors made ElBulli the best restaurant in the world while the experience of the management also increased and even maximized the value for the customers. The first factor is that the owner and its 60 people staff tried to give the best value by serving their customer in an emotional manner while serving their plates in a style which reflect emotions. Moreover, the hotel procures everything related to food on daily basis, every morning fresh products were collected by local shops and producers. Also, the kitchen of the restaurant looked like a medical laboratory which also increases the customer attention feeling that the hotel is hygienic and well organized according to the health standards. Moreover, the owner of the hotel also sells so many catalogs for recipes because of the increasing demand for the hotel’s recipes...............

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