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Companies that are growing very fast speed is defined as having a sales growth of at least 20 percent per year for four consecutive years - attracted considerable interest from both the private and public sectors. These firms can provide high returns for investors and customers became profitable consultants and banks, while the governments tend to focus on their value as a work of creators.

How can we effectively support this rapid growth of the company? In search of answers, we studied three groups or communities of practice "are well aware of - and have a vested interest in the success - the rapid growth of the company: external resource providers such as venture capitalists, bankers and consultants whose beliefs can affect how fast growth Company owners and politicians to seek advice, government policy makers, whose beliefs affect the programs, policies and allocation of resources (if any), focused on the rapid growth of firms and the rapid growth of the company founders, whose notions of growth have direct implications for the ways in they manage their businesses. Eventually, they found that the rapid growth of the company owners often skeptical of the assistance provided to one of these groups, and what else might help develop a network approach to policy initiatives.
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by Rebecca Reuber, Eileen Fisher Source: Rotman School of Management, 4 pages. Publication Date: September 1, 2005. Prod. #: ROT017-PDF-ENG

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