Effective Revenue Collection in Nomburo (or Not) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

John Mwa is the newly appointed head of the agency Nomburan income (NRA), the President instructed the incoming Orelio with increased tax revenues in the African country Nomburo. This case is discussed, as it is about achieving the targets set by the president, even though it faces constraints. Unfortunately, some of the techniques he uses to overcome obstacles to test the limits of political support and resolution. Mwa gets in trouble with members of the opposition parties, procurement committee, members of the President's coalition, and even his own staff. It is the case that teachers can use to talk about many aspects of organizational effectiveness, the dangers of the narrow focus of the organizations and the complexity of the space is limited. This is especially useful for teachers teaching management in the context of developing countries and the revenue collection. HKS Case Number 1934.0 "Hide
by Matthew Andrews Source: Harvard Kennedy School 6 pages. Publication Date: October 27, 2010. Prod. #: HKS441-PDF-ENG

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Effective Revenue Collection in Nomburo (or Not)

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