DVD War Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2006, the DVD was the most popular medium in the entertainment and computer industries. The development of high-definition (HD) technology created a need for a format with higher capacity. Rather than agree on a common standard for the new disk HD, however, all the key players formed two opposing camps. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD formats each had various technical advantages and has the support of various groups in the consumer electronics, personal computers and entertainment. Set in a time when the company began to produce products for each format, this case includes a brief history of the format war, along with information about the rival camps and their product offerings. In addition, covers the factors that may affect the future course of the battle, such as the role of copy-protection features to HD devices, integration of each format with video game consoles, and competing delivery of video content.
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by David B. Yoffie, Michael Slind Source: Harvard Business School 5 pages. Publication Date: May 24, 2006. Prod. #: 706504-PDF-ENG

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