DRIVING TOWARDS A DISRUPTION Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Driving Towards a Disruption Case Study Solution

Brief Summary

The Harvard Business School which is one of the top recognized business schools of the world was established in the year 1908. The MBA program had been started by the Charles Eliot which is considered the world first. Nowadays the value of MBA program had been in a decline as most of the people were not willing to sacrifice its two years lucrative income for the MBA degree. HBS took various measures for bringing innovations to the MBA for attracting the students such as Field-based education, technology, online degree program, open courses, corporate training universities and many others.

Key Issue

In the past days MBA program held a great value for the students, providing them ample job opportunities, but currently, the MBA program value is in a decline. Most of the companies had been recruiting less MBA graduates. Another issue was the high cost of studying the MBA program in which most of the teenagers without the support of the family are unable to pay the fees. Most of the HBS professors and deans were concerned about the future of the MBA program and what innovations should they bring for motivating the employees on taking the course.

Key Decision Maker

            Clayton Christensen who was the professor of Business administrative in the Harvard business school had taken various measures in innovating the MBA program. But due to less demand of MBA program due to its high cost, two year time needed and more competition, Clayton has to bring innovations to the MBA program.


After reviewing the case there were several courses of action which Harvard could take to promoting MBA program which is through expanding the Harvard business school interactive to foreign countries. Another action they could take is partnering with an online open course and offer its MBA program. Another alternative for the company is to strengthen its relationships with the companies for providing the MBA graduates with the opportunity to work on those company.


The best course of action would be to expand the HBSI program on both the local and foreign countries. The HBSI program was experimented on the corporate groups through online-learning presenting the customers with the video cases to enhance their learning and skills. HBS could reduce its cost to reach to the price conscious students for improving its MBA program.


DRIVING TOWARDS A DISRUPTION Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Key Takeaways

The key lessons which had been learned from the case are that it’s crucial to bring innovations to the education programs for attracting students. Technology such as online degree courses has reduced the overall education costs and also impacted on student’s higher learning through online videos.

Discussion Questions

Key Takeaways

            Innovations on the educational program are important for providing quality of learning to the students. Technology has impacting significantly on the education sector as many people are turning toward online educational program and courses.

Key Takeaways related to the professional lives:

            The Key Takeaways which had been identified after analyzing the case which would help in our professional lives or careers are:

  • Technology has to play an important role in the educational programs as many institutes are offering online education
  • Online educations is also improving student’s creativity and students are able to perform better..................

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