Alcatel’s Merger with Lucent, 2006 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Alcatel’s Merger with Lucent, 2006 Case Solution


This case provides the conversations about the 2006 choice of Alcatel and Lucent to combine, with the goal of ending up being a significant gamer in the telecom market, from the point of view of the Alcatel panel. The case concentrates on the board and management problems. Case B, supplied as an appendix, briefly explains the after-effects.


Pedagogical Goals:

The goal of the case is to talk about the efficiency (and ineffeciveness) of boards in significant tactical choices, and exactly what can affect the decision-making. The well-documented troubles of Alcatel-Lucent following the merger started at board level, right during the time the choice was taken. The case deals with the board decision-process, predispositions in decision-making, danger oversight and the method procedure.

published: 24 Feb 2016

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