Don’t (Just) Chart Your Financial Future Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Anyone looking at stock charts these days has good reason. Despite the partial restoration after the Global Financial Crisis, consumer and sovereign debt levels have merely increased while commodity costs have plummeted along with China’s economic growth levels, so thinking about rebalancing investment portfolios is clearly wise. When considering rebalancing investments, it is unwise to let stock graphs convince you to sell or purchase. Stock graphs are widely used to help professional and retail investors make decisions regarding when to buy or sell equities. But research shows that stock charts show information in a way that leads to irrational decision making.

The difficulty with using stock graphs to determine whether or not it's time to sell a business’s shares has to do with the importance that individuals put on observations. Moreover, research has found that feeling isolated or ostracized causes consumers to pursue more high-risk financial opportunities.

Publication Date: 01/29/2016

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Don’t (Just) Chart Your Financial Future

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