Dogloo and Opportunity Capital Partners Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Lewis Bird, a partner at private equity firm Partners possibility Capital, manages a number of interrelated issues. First, in his role as a professional investor is responsible for the investment firms in the doghouse of production called Dogloo, he has to manage the relationship with the employer, who behaved in a way that made the co-investors nervous about his skills as a general manager. CEO, Aurelio Barretto, is a Cuban immigrant who established the bond with Byrd, who is African-American. Barretto has increasingly relied on Byrd's run interference for him with another firm, while providing strategic advice, which generally support the investor-entrepreneur relationship. Another issue that is potentially costly lawsuit looming involving copyright infringement of large, well-funded competitor in the poultry market products. Bird must manage potentially unstable relationships, in determining what is best for his company from the investment point of view, and how best to communicate Barretto to continue. The case gives an idea of ​​the problem in the private investment capital that occur after striking a financial transaction. The case also provides information for students and technical and legal structure of private equity financing. "Hide
by Gregory Fairchild Source: Darden School of Business 30 pages. Publication Date: May 16, 2003. Prod. #: UV2007-PDF-ENG

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