Do Star Performers Need To Network? (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2189 © 2010
Buechel, Bettina; Coughlan, Sophie

Significantly; merely guaranteeing great outcomes does not ensure profession development. Networks are crucial to advancing up the profession ladder. Individuals will find out how to handle their network to optimize their probability of getting access to the external and internal profession chances.

Just how much effort and time should be purchased networking; versus attaining outcomes while aiming to stabilize an individual life? Knowing goals: The very first case in the series offers an intro to the significance of networks; and motivates individuals to think about the nature and scope of networks readily available to them; in addition to the best ways to make a mindful option of investing energy in growing these. The next 3 cases in the series think about particular difficulties in preserving networks consisting of profession breaks and reentry; handling networks up and over profession lifecycles; in addition to accomplishing presence with leading management and throughout various locations.

Subjects: Networks; Networking; Visibility; Career management; Progression; Re-entry; Relationships; Women
Settings: Global ; Pharmaceuticals ; 2010

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Do Star Performers Need To Network? (A)

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