Disney In China (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2342 © 2012
Yu, Howard; Michel, Stefan; Romera, Claire

Disney deals with an extremely difficult tactical obstacle in the Chinese market. By any steps, Disney is a content company. In China, the issue of DVD piracy removes any significant distinction that Disney might have.

In other words, not just do rivals not require to invest anything on R&D, however likewise their speed to market is much better than Disney! Could Disney establish a regional item that enables the company to create significant revenues? It is crucial to acknowledge that Disney did not simply come up with the best item, it likewise moved de facto into a brand-new item classification entirely.

Subjects: Market segmentation; Product Innovation; Diversification; Emerging markets; China
Settings: China ; Entertainment; Education ; Revenue 40 billion ; 2006-2012

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Disney In China (B)

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