Dexia BIL (A): The People Challenge Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1589 © 2006
Pucik, Vladimir; Lindblom; Anna

The very first case in the 2 case series about Dexia Banque International à Luxembourg (Dexia BIL) talks about the crisis Dexia BIL is dealing with in 2002. The collapse of the bubble and the effects of 9/11 for worldwide monetary markets has actually led to drop in earnings; however as the very same time Dexia BILs expenses had actually continued to increase.

To make this occur is an exceptionally fragile job for a business which is really noticeable in the nation's economy and which in its history had actually never ever experienced a lay-off. Christian Scharff; then a fast-rising and young HR supervisor is provided the job of proposing certain actions. Which should be on the last list provided to the board?

Subjects: HR Strategy; Cost Reduction; Downsizing
Settings: Luxembourg; Banking; 2001 Revenues of EUR 1.4 billion; >2;600 employees; 2002-2004

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