Digital Innovations – Entrepreneurship Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Digital Innovations – Entrepreneurship Case Study Solution

Actions by Collin and Joe:

The fulfilment of orders were mainly dependent on the availability of product parts in stock of worth $10,000.For this purpose, Joe and Collin decided to try taking loan from bank rather involving equity stakeholders in the matter. This move was made at a great risk. Likewise, they also recruited Tom Johnson as an operational manager.

Alternatives to fix immediate crisis:

Initially, the crisis faced by Joe and Collin included the manufacturing of product, they spent two weeks to make it a successful product through fixing its issues. With growing demand and increased order of Skip Dr, in order to fix these issues, they decided to hire operation manager to hold things in a better manner.

However, these actions did not tend to be beneficial for well-being of their operation management. Rather, they should have communicated well with manufacturers and distributors about the issues they were having in getting work done. Instead, they could hire their workforce complete orders at time as Father and Sons did not have enough workforce to handle the pressure or they might lose them with development of holding statements. Particularly, seek for an expert supervision like from Bruce as he had made successful moves.

Operations of organization and their mistakes:

The organization’s operations mainly involved outsourcing of its products manufacturing, assembling of product and fulfilment of order received by representative retailers. It was associated with dealing the operation of management process rather being involved in product manufacturing. Mistakes in the management process was associated with completely relying on representatives for their sales, improper management and out of stock resources and issues with the payment for which they had taken loan.

Recommendation and Conclusion:

If I would be at their place, initial steps would might be the same as they adopted to have a start-up. But as they had been experiencing increased sales orders, I would probably concern about the manufacturing and product assembling team if they have enough workforce to handle work pressure. Similarly, before going towards loan, I would rather minimize the issue of indirect and delayed payment by having open talk with my sales representatives. Although, setting up own workforce was costly, but there might not have been issues with in not fulfilling orders under own governance.


Exhibit –Sales Channel Support

Exhibit – If I would be in their shoes


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