Difference between United States and Africa   Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Difference between United States and Africa Case Study Solution

United States of America is located in the continent of North America which is in Northern Hemisphere of the world. The country is the third largest nation in the world holding a total area of 9,826,675 square kilometers. United States became a sovereign state in 1783, after getting independence from United Kingdom. The currency used in the United States is Dollars and referred as US Dollars. (Atlas, 2012) On the other hand, Nigeria is located in the continent of Africa, which is the second largest continent of the world. Nigeria is the most populous African country. The total area covered by Nigeria is 923,768 square kilometers. Nigeria got its freedom from United Kingdom in 1960. The currency used in Nigeria is referred as Nigerian Naira (NGN). (Atlas, World Atlas, 2012)

Difference between United States and Africa   Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Culture is defined as customs, traditions and ideas of a nation or a country.(Kroeber, 1952)However, it has been identified that Americans do not follow actual “American Culture”.America’s culture is highly diversified as there are many religions and many languages are spoken in the country therefore, its culture is said to be a mix of different cultures.But still, it heads under “Western Culture” which has been brought by Europe and United Kingdom.Moreover, it has been identified that 66% of Americans are overweight because they consume too much fast food and junk food. Out of 66%, 33% of them have crossed the limit of obesity. Americans like to maintain their personal space and need freedom in terms of choices and other concerns. (W., 1986)Considering about language, there is no official language that has been stated by the Government of United States. All languagesof the world are spoken in the country such as Spanish, Chinese, France and German. The consensus bureau shows that almost 300 languages are spoken in the United states of America. However, most of the American population tend to converse in English and official concerns are also conducted in English.(Dicker, 2003)Apart from languages, practiced religions are also considered under the head of culture. America is a free religious country and no one is bound to follow a specific religion. However, research shows that approximately 70% of Americans follow Christianity. Moreover, 23% of population do not follow any religion at all. Remaining 6% belongs to non-Christian religions such as Hindus and Muslims.(Gallup, 1985) Concerning about style followed in America, living standard differs from social statuses, climate and states. Jeans, hats, sneakers and boot shoes are regular clothing item worn by Americans. Moreover, some important brands in America are Calvin Klein, Versace, Victoria Secret and Michael Kars. American people are highly influenced by fashion style of Hollywood celebrities and thus, they follow them passionately. The fashion sales of America are $200 billion per year. Focusing towards food and cuisine, food items that are identified as American foods are hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips, cheese and meat loaf. Moreover, specific cooking items have also been followed by the region,which is called “American comfort food”, which includes fried chicken, black peas and other related items.(Sack, 2017)Arts hold an important position when concerning about American culture as the country plays important role in entertainment industry and comprises about 1/3rd market share in international media industry..................

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