Dial 1298 for Ambulance: Marketing EMS in Mumbai Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

With the aim of providing accessible, high quality emergency medical care Ziqitza Healthcare, a for-profit company based in Mumbai, was established in 2002. Although the initiative, which became known as Dial 1298, expanded rapidly, it needed a sharper marketing strategy, and in particular, a means of increasing its usage rate among the poorest residents of Mumbai.

Promotion communications strategy-to rate the choices an organization has in targeting different customer audiences; to consider different strategies available for reaching each audience 2) Consumer behavior-to evaluate research findings from primary and secondary sources to recognize different audiences, understand their varying demands, and choose the top message and media for every target group 3) Message and media preparation-to craft compelling messages that convey a brand's essence to present and new customers; to choose appropriate media to reach different audiences; to think about the effect of BPL factors on communications planning, e.g., low literacy rates, a complicated physical surroundings, diverse paths to buy, and various cultural dynamics 4) Segmentation-to investigate the countless different techniques consumer audiences might be segmented, using demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and influencer-oriented variables 5) Targeting-to prioritize target audiences and measure the threats, opportunities, and obstacles that arise when a brand is communicating with several different groups concurrently 6) Societal enterprise-to evaluate the similarities and differences that appear in marketing decision making for organizations that work with a double bottom line, versus the procedures used in conventional corporate and nonprofit structures.


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Dial 1298 for Ambulance: Marketing EMS in Mumbai

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