Dexia BIL (B): Working Differently Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1590 © 2006
Pucik, Vladimir; Lindblom; Anna

The follow up case of the Dexia BIL Individuals Obstacle provides the option to the job dealt with by Christian Scharff - 8 % decrease in the general headcount. It talks about the certain 9 steps that were chosen and the effect of each.

The case shows how ingenious HR options to strategic difficulties such as labor force decrease can enhance worker spirits and improve business's track record - therefore constructing a foundation for competitive benefit.

Subjects: HR Strategy; Cost Reduction; Downsizing
Settings: Luxembourg; Banking; 2001 Revenues of EUR 1.4 billion; > 2;600 employees; 2004

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Dexia BIL (B): Working Differently

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