Valuation of an Internet Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Hong Kong has been one of the recent global cities touched by the trend of making online investments. Limited, a Hong Kong based online company, aspired to make a public offer in Hong Kong’s stock exchange. EuroGlobal Funds’ portfolio manager was assigned to consult, on the basis of his professionalism and experience, the appropriateness of different investors and the worth of this investment. He was not unaware of the problems in valuing Internet companies and the debate over the choice of valuation procedures.

Among the procedures was to conduct an analysis on hyper-growth Internet companies intended to reach in the next five years in order to justify their current valuations. He decided to employ this strategy to Pupils or readers would be prompted to have substantial conversation about development of Internet and the various valuation methods and ecommerce businesses, notably topics like business models and growth that is predicted.

Publication Date: 08/10/2000

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