Deloitte & Touche Integrating Arthur Andersen Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Deloitte & Touche: Integrating Arthur Andersen Ivey Case Solution

In 2002, Deloitte & Touche increased its number of employees to 6,600. This was done with the help of Arthur Andersen 1000 employee who joined them. They did become the largest professional services organization in CANADA and increased it’s annul billing over $1 billion. This was a huge challenge for the co-chair for the national integration team. The challenge was to develop company-wide plan and to provide supporting materials that Deloitte $ Touche would need to hold such numbers of employees. This integration process was monitored by the teams. Monthly surveys were made to monitor the effects and to take actions right away if anything goes wrong during the process. Point was as to take remedial actions if something goes wrong at specific stages. These surveys were definitely not useless. Recently it stated, Deloitte & Touche did not really think about it previous employees; what effects this integration could bring on them. New employees were seen as damaged goods by the existing ones and previous employees were given less attention. The co-chair and the integration team must find a solution and take feedbacks as cultural differences are rising.

Issues: Mergers and Acquisitions related to change management and Employee Attitude related to corporate culture.

Disciplines: Organizational behavior/leadership

Written by Gerard Seijts and Ken Mark, comprises of 14 pages and published on 16th of January, 2004,source taken from Ivey

Product no: 9B04C004

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