MJINI: Understanding the Urban Youth Market Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mjini - Urban Youth Experts was founded by two recent college graduates as research consulting firm, focusing on buying patterns and lifestyle preferences of urban youth, who sat many fashion trends, but marketers who find it difficult to get to. Not only can you use the founders of their origin, they can help their communities, communicating, respect and giving youth groups. Although they have met with some success, they encountered a number of issues specific to the start-ups: How to grow rapidly, as whom to hire, how to teach recruits how to finance growth, determining the right marketing and consulting products, determining its real market value and payment rates and definitely a great opportunity. "Hide
by Michael Lelyveld, Serge Paul-Emile, David Wylie Source: Babson College 21 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2001. Prod. #: BAB097-PDF-ENG

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MJINI: Understanding the Urban Youth Market

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