Dells Dilemma in Brazil: Negotiating at the State Level Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Option 4
Construct the manufacturing facility in Minas Gerais and keep the Headquarters and other important offices in Rio Grande do Sul.


Save the cost by having a free land to build the manufacturing facility (Minas Gerais)

Assume the identical deals from both of these states that have previously hashed out, for loans,repayment programs and grace periods allowed.

Dell can successfully keep its headquarters, research and development department, marketing and sales department in Rio Grande do Sul where Dell can found theappropriately more dedicated investors in high technology and by the time this market will also grow

Hire 130 employees from Rio Grande do Sul state and hire 130 employees from Minas Gerais state, this will give the impression of being equal with both the states  and then hire people as per need in the next five years accordingly.

Offer special grants and scholar ships for students that might help the company later on in several departments at Dell. This would also help them in being socially responsible.


There is possibility that the drafted plans maybe overruled by both Rio Grande do Sul and Minas Gerais governors or administration

Olivio Dutra, might nottotallyagree with any of the actual bargain that was chopped out for Dell to initiate for the loan seeing as we are a typical transnational corporations

Moreover shifting the manufacturing facility to Minas and keeping the other offices and main headquarters to Rio Grande do Sul might be more costly






Leave Brazil Move the plant to another state renegotiate with new Governor Keep head office in Rio Grande do Sul and take rest to Minas Gerais
Universities and skilled employees  



7           3.5


4                  2


6            3


7            3.5


Ease of Implementation

0.3 6            1.8 7                  2.1 6            1.8 8            2.4

Overall Satisfaction




4          0.8


6                  1.2


5            1


7           1.4













Force Field Analysis

Force field analysis is used to differentiate that which aspects within a state of affairs or organization drive a decision maker towards or away from a certain decision, and highlights factors which oppose and support the specific proposal. Force Field Analysis is a practical decision-making procedure. It helps a decision maker to make an assessment by analyzing the drivers for and against a change, and it helps one in communicating the reasoning behind the actual decision. As per the score it is recommended that the companycan keep head office in Rio Grande do Sul and take manufacturing to Minas Gerais.


After carefully analyzing and reviewing all the facts and figures associated with the case, the decision making is not easy at all because of some exceptional benefits associated when it comes to operating in Brazil. It is highly recommended that Dell must keep their Headquarters, and other important buildings in Rio Grande Do Sul state, where it would appropriately find some extraordinary high-technology for the better future of the company. Furthermore, this state has well reputed universities and a gigantic pool of educated workforces. This would help them to get the best available employee in the entire town in comparison with other states. Moreover, it is additionally recommended that Minas Gerais will be a tremendous place to construct the manufacturing facility. First off all Dell will get the free of cost land there and can take advantage of an outstanding interest rate on the acquired loans. Minas Gerais possess the skilled workers in mechanics, publishing, electro electronics and most importantly in computers. These are all the incomparable services that Dell would appreciate.....................................

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