Delliotte and Touche Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Delliotte and Touche Case Study Solution


The case illustrates the “women initiatives” program initiated by Cook in 1993 to empower and retain the women in the organization. It took strong initiatives to change the culture of the firm while on other hand incorporate equality and justice which is not subjected to gender. Back in 1993, cook decided to take initiative to empower women and for that he framed program “initiatives and advancement of women” and supported it through a Force team which gauged analyzed and implement the change in the organization. The firm has to face two challenges in making the program successful. One it has to disseminate power from men to women and two, there were no sure results of improvement in making these cultural and organizational  change and above all the issue resisting the change was the behavior of the people who are generally not risk taker once reached  certain position in the firm. Numerous changes were made by cook in order to inculcate change in the organization .For example operational changes were made, which broke the stereotyping of the word “women “has in workplace. Secondly, the assessment criteria s were changed to encourage women to stay with the organization and last flexible working hours were enforced thoroughly into the culture to ensure the retention of women even after being partnered.

Keywords:  change management, Organizational change, Women empowerment, Cultural Change.

Delliotte and Touche- Changing the workplace
1- Assesses the Women’s Initiative and workplace culture change. How effectively did Deloitte & Touche manage these changes? How do you feel about the sequence of events?

Delloitte &touché identified the rising issue of women leaving the workplace frequently and that all the top management consist of men only making women have the organization because of no career growth. The company also identified the issues which people are facing but does not want to talk over it as they feel they might seem foolish. Under these circumstances the company launched a new program namely “women initiative program” whose mission and aim has been to empower the women and shift the culture from male dominance to equality based with no biasness of gender. Under the women initiative program, the company took numerous steps and changes in the structure to inculcate the change into the origination structure. The first thing company pursued, it made a committee of both male and females where they can talk about the underlying issues or thought that they have regarding job, working in there company and regarding each other’s as a colleagues .The step greatly helped the Force team to drive the findings that can help build and devise a better change plan that caters both genders and also resolve the un-said issues in order to make the organization a happy place to work in. Secondly, the company hired catalyst team that served as an advising agency in inculcating change in the organization. The team identifies the grounds which helped the organization to focus its energy and resources on those particular ground that plays an integral role in shaping the culture of the organization.In doing so, the company re-strategized the operational department by making the women initiative internally and also externally announced. The external announcement of the initiate proved to be a first step in making people and client accept the change of the organization.By doing this, the company made clear the clients that women are of equal talent and that carry’s equal expertise while on the hand, it empower different offices to devise and develop plan for their office to deal with the operational issue and then analyzed the performance of each office compared to each other. The empowerment of people to think and devise their own plan, served as an anchor to inculcate change in the structure because it let people own the change and thus mitigating the resistance in accepting the change.

Secondly, in assessment Process, the women were given mostly the pink collar jobs, making them less competent.Under the program, women got promoted to head the departments and lead the top clients or offices. The initiative resurged in great retention and promotion of women to top management.Giving women an equal opportunity to develop their career.This initiative also benefited the company because it has the pool of talented women leading the top management.In addition, the initiative in assessment process not only catered the talented women but also encouraged the less talented women to stay with the organization.In addition, the company also reinforced the policy of flexible working hours which made it easy for not only women but men too, to work smoothly with the organization.In doing so, the company strategized the policy of assessing the performance on getting the job done with the restriction of being present in the workplace. The initiative not only eased the women but also the men to adopt the change and thus the change not only remain subjected to women.

Lastly, the organization took steps to drive work-life balance. In doing so, the company offered a freedom to the employees to choose the working style and time. Also the company removed the policy of Nepotism, which allowed the people to partner whenever they want with the fear of not getting the promotion because of the relationship.Moreover, the company devised other 3-4-5 program and accountability program under women initiatives to ease up the burden of the women and encourage them to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the right balance of professional and family time and also breaking the stereotyping of the role.

The company has inculcated the change successfully in the organization.It became successful in implementing the change, because It involved people in the process of change,w which empowered them and also established the feeling of owning the change because the drove it themselves.In addition, the company involved the people to whom change was directed, which helped it to precisely frame the change structure, meeting all dimensions of the change. Thus became successful. Moreover, the sequence of bringing about the change is also justified. Because it started from the very initial step of identifying the issue and then developing the rational, followed by strategy and then implementing into different grounds.

2- Deloitte has been successful generally speaking, but why aren’t there more women at the top? What else should Jim Copeland and his team do to address this issue?

The company delliote and touché stated practicing women empowerment in 1993, before that, the whole system was subjected to male dominance and the deep stereotype role were assigned to the people according to the gender.Since, cook took initiative to reinforce the change the organization by developing different plans incorporating work-life baling, flexi hours, and partnering policy yet there was a lot more has to be done in order to firmly hold the change in the organization.

Though the company put a lot of energy and effort in developing and sustaining the change and that of maintaining a new culture which empowers woman’s till very few women were seen on the top. The reason to such issue are discussed below.

  • Since the change was an internal element and that the external environment where the company was operating still practiced the old structure, it became difficult to maintain a relation with the client with such policy. For example, Golf parties are supposed to be men parties traditionally and that women are not allowed in such parties. It is difficult to build relations with the clients due to such restrictions.
  • Many male of the office feels disregarded in disseminating the power to the females as they believe that women are less component and will leave the organization one they get partnered or prefer to work for limited working hours as compared to men, thus effecting the profitably of the company. In many offices of the delliotte & Touche, the change was not implemented effectively due to these strong stereo typing.
  • Many members in top management believed that it is the client that feels uncomfortable talking or dealing with a women, thus the chances are, that the following trend might drove the clits away from the company. The type of stereotyping hindered the way of many females to reach the top management post.

Delliotte and Touche Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Although the organization, took great steps in inculcating change in the organization, yet the concept of “glass ceiling” still held the roots of the organization, which states that women are better at performing nurturing task and that they can’t take hard responsibilities like running the office or teams thus they should not be at the top. The approach is so deeply immersed in the structure that it require sample amount of time to accept the change. And thus this is the reason of females not present at the top management...........................

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