Dell Computer: Inspiron Product Development Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Description of the organizational, strategic and tactical goals that Dell Computer, as it develops a new computer, laptop, which aimed at home users and small businesses. Plays the challenges facing the company as it tries to manage their client portfolio as well as its product line profitability. The data on trade-offs that product developers need to do in terms of weight, price and specifications of the equipment of the potential of the new product. Division of Dell, called competence centers, plays a key role in the design and positioning of the price of the production line. In many ways, this device is voice of the customer in product development and marketing processes. Key issues at the end of the case are: 1) In the event the laptop will be introduced? 2) If it is introduced, how should it be configured? and 3) What should be rated product? "Hide
by Jacqueline C. Thomas, Michael Rosenstein Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 22 pages. Publication Date: September 1, 1998. Prod. #: M293-PDF-ENG

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Dell Computer: Inspiron Product Development

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