Dean DeNisi Schooled by Katrina-Flood of Opportunity (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Crisis as a source of opportunity and change? How does this happen? This case describes the difficult situation the new dean AB Freeman School of Business at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana faced after Hurricane Katrina hit the city in the late summer of 2005. With the state of emergency in the city with only a shell of its former infrastructure intact, in the universities, which have suffered water damage, and the community of students and teachers are scattered and separated for a number of different cities and states, as was Dean Denisi should lead not to mention on the implementation of the vision? Case, the problems students to think about how Denisi should take place in the immediate months to ensure the return of the current students and the survival of the business school. What all this means to attract prospective students, Freeman? In the case described as Denisi seized opportunities while in times of great crisis. The material provides a rich discussion that should be developed in recognition of the fact that leaders who are able to formulate the crisis, potential is likely to manage the organization in a way that will make them more resilient, and sometimes better after the crisis. "Hide
by Gerry Yemen, Janusz Lehmejian-Karaszewski, Stacy Babovich, Erika H. James Source: Darden School of Business 12 pages. Publication Date: Mar 02, 2006. Prod. #: UV3967-PDF-ENG

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Dean DeNisi Schooled by Katrina-Flood of Opportunity (A)

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