The Army Crew Team Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Army Crew Team Case Solution


The key players of the army crew team are Coach Preczewski, the varsity team and the Junior varsity team.

Coach Preczewski: Preczewski coaches the army team at the west point of the US for the United States Military Academy. He formed two crew teams with the names of Varsity (V) and the junior Varsity (JV).

The Varsity team: It consists of the top rowing group which comprises of the main eight individuals with brilliant quality and conditions however, this crew team had no team leader and a little team commitment.

The Junior Varsity: It comprises of bottom eight rowers with strong commitment and motivational values and attitudes, which was expected to perform better than the varsity crew team.

The Army Crew Team of varsity is in absolute dissatisfaction because of lack of rowing technique; and mental measurement kept habitually losing the JV group before the national title race. Confronting with this problem, Coach P. held a meeting with the colleagues to talk about the issues among the group. Presently on, he needs to settle on a decision among the decisions of exchanging the Varsity and Junior Varsity vessel, exchanging singular watercraft individuals or interceding to enhance the Varsity watercraft's execution.

The objective of the case is that Coach P is facing a challenge of improving the Junior Varsity (JV) team in comparison with the varsity team that is outperforming consistently. The coach P has to make decision to turn the situation within four days before the National Championships start.

Problem Identification:

The coach P was the main reason that caused rift between the JV and the V team due to lack of leadership quality. His goal was only to organize the teams in rowers and to train them as a manger of production line does. He used to select the team by considering the physical performance of the individuals rather than psychological performance. He was not successful in building a kind of team in which all top talented individuals were chosen for the varsity team with the closed eyes towards the performance of the team. As a coach, he should first identify the problems. (Ivancevich)

If we talk about the Varsity crew team, they had behavioral issues towards each other regarding relationships, rewards and responsibilities, as they were operating as a group of individual persons rather than a team, and they were lacking in trust, motivation and other several communication barriers. Therefore, the following two categories caused the problem identification:(Wener, 2015)

  1. Group Dissention: it led to many team disruptions, including, harsh individual critiques and passing blames to others, and the varsity team (V) was less oriented as compare to Junior Varsity team (JV).
  2. Lack of Motivation: Due to incompatibility among team members, the rower down team was always blamed that led to result in failure of JV team.


The Junior Varsity team is consistently losing from the varsity team due to lack of characteristics that make a real team such as team disruptions from the varsity crew team. (a) Team playing versus individuality: the varsity team was selected based on physical strengths and capabilities and they were not playing a team rather an individual. The lack of cohesiveness in team and trust led to greatest failure of down rowers’ crew team that is Junior Varsity (JV). (b) Lack of shared goals: the Varsity team only wanted to win with no solid team targeted objective or goal. The V team was too egoistic and centrally focused for their individual success of their personal goals and they never batter themselves as a team unit. (c).......................

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