CVWarehouse (B): Breaking the Deadlock Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case B cannot be educated as a stand alone case, but is an immediate continuation of the FocusCase "CVWarehouse (A): Offline- and Online Adventures in the Recruiting Sector".

This second part illustrated the decisions how she concluded the deadlock of her firms by the present investors and the entrepreneur chose during catastrophe. The case illustrates how she's trying (and eventually succeeding) to sell one of her business in order to buy out the investors from her other firm on which she wants to focus later on.

Nevertheless, the whole process is extremely complicated as the buyer of the organization is attempting to pull out in the very last minute as well as our case protagonist has to go through a nerve wracking process with high personal danger to be able to guarantee the bargain and have the capacity to continue with one business that she completely owns.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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CVWarehouse (B): Breaking the Deadlock

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