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Bruce Ballantyne had recently joined CRP Products (CRP) of Stratford, Ontario, to assist in reviewing the company's operations and evaluate what changes were necessary to stay informed about demand. Although it was early 2011, and the peak season was still four months away, Ballantyne knew that he would have to determine what equipment was needed in the next three weeks to ensure it was delivered and installed before the peak season.

The owner of CRP, Jamie Bailey, had also concluded that CRP did not possess the funding available for the seasonal working capital required to support stock and accounts receivable as well as the new equipment needed to make its exceptional layout of outdoor furniture. He would turn to Ballantyne to develop a solution that would keep up with demand, keep inventory and work within the available funding.

PUBLICATION DATE: November 10, 2011 PRODUCT #: W11495-HCB-ENG

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