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Cirque du Soleil has been quite creative and unique in its approach and this uniqueness is the major strength of the company, which has allowed the circus to attain the position of the market leader in the country. The company has achieved milestones without using any animal support which is considered essential to run a circus. This form of art is often considered charming and vibrant however,Cirque du Soleil has maintained its sophisticated image. This sophisticated image has proven to be a great source of success and contributed immensely in developing the brand image of the company. On the other hand, the company has been presenting new and creative ideas on the stage every time. Apart from that, the availability of such large employee base and the permanent shows in the US is also a big success and strength of the company.

However, the company has a long history of being successful, creative and lucrative, which is the major reason of attracting and sustaining viewers. The shows that are being presented are quite unique and offer a flavor, which is appreciated by majority. All these are the key strengths of the company that have shifted the company into long term profitability and the contribution in the overall success of the company is also huge. The company has been quite successful with the shows and has attracted major artists however, it has failed to attract key artists, which has hindered the success and created obstacles in developing the long term strategy of the company. On the other hand, the company does not have a permanent slot or theatre or location to operate which puts the future of the company under real doubt. Apart from that, the company has been strongly dependent on the financiers to back the objectives and vision of the company.

This dependency on financial supervisor may not allow the company to grow as per the requirements and has also restricted the company’s growth to some extent. Investments are essential for operating the company and designing new shows and attracting new artists. However, the anonymity that exists regarding artists has created issues, which have put financial constraints on the company. On the other hand, lack of diversification is another major weakness of the company. This issue is highly concerning as the future is not associated with one place and in order to grow a company requires expansion. However, in order to expand and attract, new viewers the circus require diversification which is missing.

Situation Description

Murielle Cantin, the casting director of Cirque du Soleil, the largest and the most innovative circus currently present is under real consideration about the future of the company. The circus has grown a great deal with the passage of time and with the growth the demand of artist has also grown. The company is highly dependent on talent and sustaining employees in such business is one of the most crucial tasks. The circus has been growing tremendously and the need of talent is increasing rapidly, which is why the concerns for the management is increasing rapidly especially for Cantin who is rooting around in search of talent.

She has been searching new places and new territories that can guide her with new talent however;there are certain issues that she needs to consider before making a final selection and pay immense focus towards these issues. As stated, meeting the growing employee demand and the excess need of artist is an important issue that needs to be addressed. In this regard, Cantin will have to identify the most suitable and attractive regions and territories. On the other hand, the need is increasing and employee retention is not there, which is supporting the above mentioned issues.

Due to low employee retention, the company is under real threat to decide on the future goals and objectives of the company. These issues are causing serious hindrance in the growth of the company and the management of the company needs to cater these issues in order to decide on the future strategy of the company. The strategy must assimilate these issues and focus on the growth of the company,however, employee retention and the company’s growth are directly associated, which must be kept in mind before deciding on the final strategy. Therefore, the company’s management will have to focus mainly on developing and suggesting the future growth strategy of the company and will have to focus on retaining employees and new talent and generate new ideas................

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