CREATIVE PROJECT Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

creative project Case Study Solution

Q1) Describe the meaning of this text in your own words. What phases and images in the text might be represented musically by tension, instability, and motion, and what aspects might be represented by relaxation, stability, and rest?

The meaning of the melody is based on Love and Heart-breaking. However, the boy is getting in love with his girlfriend, but the boy is confused that the girl does not love him. On the other side, the boy is talking to that girl every night, they both are a really good friends. However, the girl is talking to that boy as a friend; the girl does not really know that the boy is getting in love with her. The girl discusses every matter to her friend; she does not really know about the feeling that the boy is getting with her. She always finds  a topic to discuss with him, and they both are happy to spend time with each other. However, the girl does not understand the boy feeling that he has attached to her. Over the period, the girl had a marriage to the other boy. The boy got mad and couldn’t do anything.

Tension, Instability, and Motion: harness bells,love, innocent

Relaxation, Stability, and rest: Farmhouse,Stone, God.

I remember the innocence of her face

Which round you gone away with pace

Those who I carved from stone, my beloved

They turned into God as I saw time lapse

Q2) what were the greatest two challenges for you in trying to express their feelings.

There are two challenges when listening to the melody and relates to the past event. Harness bells stopped for some period, because of the tension raised on the surface of the downy flake which made the subject break into pieces and not allows the harness bells to make any noise further. It is the same situation like for the death of a person that made silence from the crowd. Another challenge is the use of Farmhouse for relaxation because sometimes, a subject is disappointed and try to live alone instead of with the surroundings. Farmhouse could build tension on some occasions because it allows the subject to make any adverse action and no one can stop the certain course of action. The meanings of these two words can build negative consequences under the process of tensions and relaxation. The melodic shape is going towards the different process, at some point in the start, the melody brings silence to the action because of the heart touching moment that a subject reminded us, and thus stop to show respect plus rewind the scenario. It helps to re energize the ability to perform melody quickly.Filled no gap due to high emotions evolved and attached with the music until it will come to an end with the stop of a heartbeat. Therefore, such a particular process would help to perform a melody in order to overcome the challenges that would manage the feelings with the designed music. Harness bells is a logical expression to conclude the process that involves high tension and deep feelings of the subject. The horse rides in the snow area where no sound of steps can make noise except the harness bell. So, whether the horse is running slow or fast, the emotions are involved until the bell stops to make noise. The Same situation takes part in the melody process where the subject build the tones low and high until the music will stop and consider emotions to vanish. The primary concern of the challenge is the uncertainty about the possible happening, which means that the silence would only appear if the emotions would be eliminated or vanished.

CREATIVE PROJECT Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Q3) How well do you feel those musical elements solved the challenges?

The music element is somehow not managed to solve the two highlighted challenges and need some amendments to overcome the potential consequences. Thus, a modified music should involve low tone at the start because the emotions are not high at the starting point. The music should consider an increased tone and rhythm continuously in order to build emotions at the same pace. It would allow reducing the accidental tones that might decrease the process of involvement deeply. It would also manage to drive the harness bells for a longer period. That will reduce the possibility to live alone during the course. The scenario would build the emotions high and perform an attractive melody to manage the tensions and relaxation interchangeably............................

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