“Crazy is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags” Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

"Crazy is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags"Case solution




This book review is about a bestselling novel “Crazy is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags", written by a renowned author and businesswomen of American society Linda Rotenberg. The author is a renowned figure in the corporate society of the country as she heads and co-founded a non-profit organization Endeavor. The primary objective of this non-profit organization of the author is to train and assist the younger generation of the country towards the field of entrepreneurship and helps them become better leaders and entrepreneurs.
In this book the author has outlined the qualities, characteristics and skills that smart entrepreneurs posses sand which help and assist them when they enter the entrepreneur field as young graduates or still students. The author of the book has also revealed the challenges that most of the young individuals face when they think of entering the entrepreneur field and mostly it is the mental blog, which is due to negative perception about the future prospects of the business and their dependence on others to complement their idea for the business.

In this book the author has described the qualities and attributes that are needed in becoming a successful entrepreneur. The author has used real life examples including her own personal experience to illustrate the innovations that are required and the issues that most of the people face when they resume their careers as an entrepreneur.
The book states that innovation is the driving force for a successful entrepreneur and successful leaders and innovators successfully hunt for new ideas and concepts. This is the sole quality that they rely on in their professional field.The author in her bestselling book states that a successful entrepreneur is not made in a laboratory at a remote place somewhere and neither are they produced in the business meetings and conferences, they are the people who create ideas and constantly believe in doing things rather than thinking and sharing concepts to get advice's from others.
The author basically highlights in the book that it is the state of the mind and approach of an individual that makes him a successful entrepreneur and this innovation is not based on the perception and expectation of these people. People usually tend to feed their expectations in the innovations and this is the most common reason that they fail to be successful as an entrepreneur.
The book illustrates that the most critical backer and motivation that a young individual who is considering starting his or her career as an entrepreneur needs himself the most as it is more important and essential that he himself is optimistic and hopeful about the idea and innovation rather than others from his family, social life or any other colleagues who he deems necessary to consult.

The author in the book illustrates that it is necessary that a young and new entrepreneur prepares himself mentally before materializing his idea or concept. In this regard, the book has given a new direction and concept for the individuals who are seeking to become entrepreneurs and as per the concept of the book heart and mind without fear is the most essential quality of a successful innovator and entrepreneur........................

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