Concept of Revolving Football stadium seating Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


  • Being one of the world’s famous games, most people love to play and watch football matches of their favorite teams.
  • The history of Football can be traced back to the Ancient Romans and Greeks, who were known to have a number of ball games, some of these games involved the use of the feet.
  • The first international match of football was played in1872 in Glasgow, which was a challenge match between England and Scotland.
  • FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) was established in 1904 to govern the global framework of football.

Need to Innovate

  • Due to the increasing rush of football lovers to the stadiums, most of the countries i.e. Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom have promoted the all-seater stadium culture, in which every spectator has a proper seat.
  • The biggest problem faced by most of the stadiums is the increasing complaints of spectators’ violence due to ticket scalping, traffic congestion, non-availability of the premium places in the stadium etc…
  • Most of the spectators are complaining that they are unable to enjoy the whole match while sitting on a single side of the stadium because it is not possible to watch each and every move of players from a fixed seat.

Revolving Football Stadium Seating

  • In order to address these problems a concept of Revolving Football Stadium seating has been presented, which means that during the two halves of a match the whole stadium seats will be revolved around the ground.
  • Instead of constructing the seating of a stadium on a concrete floor, it should be based upon metallic plating, which will be connected with certain magnetic source that can move them continuously during the match.
  • The plates will be connected with high-power generators motors and contain a number of sensors in it, which will ensure its slow and steady movement.
  • The system will be highly automated and supervised by high tech computer software, so that the chances of customer inconvenience can be reduced.

Value Proposition

  • The movement of plates should be slow enough so that a spectator will not be able to even feel it.
  • It will provide an equal opportunity for all spectators to enjoy the match from each and every possible perspective.
  • It will reduce the chances of spectator violence because each spectator will be able to enjoy the whole match irrespective of his/her seating position in the stadium.
  • Although it will require a huge initial investment, this development will provide an opportunity to stadium owners to generate high profits in the long-run.

Cost and benefit Analysis

  • The integration of this system into football stadiums will increase their cost and capital budget but this will give a new identity to football stadiums and will open new revenue paths for stadium owners.
  • The Cost and benefit analysis  show that football stadiums will be able to make high-earning margins and will enjoy a sustainable position as compared to other sports stadiums.
  • Initially this business model should be adopted by governments of different countries where the football game is very common because the initial research and development expenses and capital cost of the project will be very high.
  • All the international football associations should focus upon the integration of this model into the upcoming world cup to check the response of spectators at a larger level and then expand it to other stadiums throughout the whole world.

Key Stake Holders

  • The major stakeholders of this project will be a number of football clubs,stadium owners and also companies that will probably get the tender of this project.
  • It will also affect the popularity of players because now spectators will be capable of watching all moves of players on the ground.

It will also require a serious participation from the government regulatory and development bodies because the implementation of such a huge development project will not be possible alone for private sector organizations..............................

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